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Our vehicle stock intelligence system ViHUB now counts 70+ integrations across industry systems including key dealer marketing channels such as Auto Trader.

We have introduced several sector system providers with a focus on a dealership’s key systems as we continually grow our integration partnerships.  Our supplier integration tally is now around 40 and that number is added to on a regular basis, 15+ manufacturer integrations and 15+ portal integrations.

As the UK and Ireland’s largest digital automotive marketplace, Auto Trader was a top priority for us. We have focused on the key integrations for dealership operations and now count the majority of those systems vital to a dealer’s working day as partners including Keyloop and Salesforce.

By aggregating data from multiple sources to create a ‘Single Source of the Truth’ of accurate vehicle information from description to pricing and specification for each vehicle a dealer is selling, we ensure vehicles advertised on all integrated marketing sites such as Auto Trader are accurate and reliable.

ViHUB, our core product, automatically updates as quickly as every hour so even if price changes are made that day, the system uploads quickly to ensure the vehicle’s latest price is available as soon as possible. Even for dealers who have opted for Autofinity’s ViHUB Lite, uploads take place every three hours.

ViHUB enables retailers to create a definitive or ‘Single Source of The Truth’ for each new and used vehicle in dealership and group inventory. ViHUB aggregates information on each vehicle and acts as a single depository which feeds online marketing channels including classified directories, the dealer group’s own and the OEM’s website.

Inconsistencies including marketing the same vehicle at different prices on multiple platforms are avoided whilst a vehicle’s status, such as if it has been reserved, a deposit has been paid, it has been sold or a test drive is booked, is immediately apparent.

CEO Andy Whitehair: “Speed to market is crucial, particularly in our current market where stock is in short supply and margins are coming under pressure. It has never been so critical for dealers to increase stock turn. Having a single source of truth for each vehicle where you can have confidence stock is marketed consistently and updates are automated across all advertising channels has a dramatic impact on sales.

“The days of overnight feeds to such vital online marketplaces as Auto Trader should be over, this is now an outdated practice and retailers need to ensure they have the right systems to keep pace with a fast-moving market.”

We are exploring the opportunities of integrating with Auto Trader Connect, which provides advanced data in real-time to maximise efficiencies and margins. Data collated by ViHUB feeds multiple systems automatically including Auto Trader ensuring vehicles are marketed correctly and car buyers are not exposed to misleading information and potentially miss-sold. 

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