Automated stock entry, cleansing and enrichment for all your vehicles in one place

Accurately manage stock specification information with automated upload from the DMS and matched against CAP HPI* ensuring consistent and correct vehicle descriptions across all marketing channels.

Data is cleansed to standardise the format across multiple channels whilst utilisation of CAP HPI and OEM data enables the creation of the highest quality data set for any one vehicle. A vehicle’s online representation is accurate and content rich in description. This is further enhanced and any gaps filled by our data which even identifies standard specification and highlights optional equipment.

Our data sources and intelligent insights create a single source of truth for each vehicle eliminating inaccuracies which could potentially compromise a sale. Dealers can have confidence finance quotes are accurate and compliant. For consumers, our system ‘translates’ specification into ‘layman’s’ terms overcoming the constraints of manufacturer generic terminology and enhancing the vehicle search experience.

*CAP license and lookups required for this functionality

ViSTOCK - Building 'Golden' vehicle records

DMS New & Used Stock Data

ViSTOCK a powerful NEW solution for inventory management


  • Out of the box, one size fits all solution
  • Designed for individual dealers or fleet managers
  • Multiple systems, data repositories and versions of the truth
  • Limited data, missing information, inaccuracies
  • Manual data retrieval: DMS, marketing and e-commerce platforms
  • Lengthy process to find vehicle data, update, prepare and advertise
  • One option : a proprietary, full-stack solution
  • Manual edits, updates and rules around stock publishing


  • Bespoke, tailored to your needs
  • scalable solution for dealers, groups, fleets and OEMs
  • single, real-time source of the truth for your inventory
  • comprehensive data picture; yours, ours and 3rd party
  • APIs retrieve your data and present it anywhere you like
  • Quickest route to market for your cars
  • Flexible : Back-end only, front-end of full-stack – you choose
  • Automated approach – you set the rules, the tech does the rest

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