New Website, Ecommerce Strategy, Data Enhancement, System Integration, Data Extraction, Enhanced Business Intelligence

We have a long history in supplying digital solutions and advice to the automotive industry, both retailers and OEMs, in the UK and internationally. Our team have extensive experience in automotive data, system integration and consumer website development working at 2nd Byte, Autotrader and eBay, and now Autofinity. 

Over the last few years, we have developed an advanced, automated vehicle inventory management solution, ViHUB, which looks to provide a single view of the truth on vehicle information across the business and partners. 

To support this initiative, we have now launched Autofinity Transform Consulting a consultancy service to help dealers and OEMs review their use of applications and develop digital strategies to harness more value from their IT spend.


Powering Digital Strategy and Unlocking IT Value

Powering Automotive Retail & Trade Transformation and Delivering a “Single View of the Truth”


Stakeholder alignment and development of the Case for Action, documenting the current situation from the viewpoint of:

  • Business structure
  • Processes
  • Applications
  • Data flow
  • Pain points
  • Opportunities
  • 5 year vision & ambition

This phase will start with initial research to identify key subject matter experts and stakeholders across all functions of the business before exploring collaboratively the key risks, pain points, and opportunities.


Based on the Problem Discovery, alignment on objectives and future state leading to a proposal covering:

  • Business structure
  • Processes
  • Applications
  • Data flow
  • Option evaluation
  • Key metrics
  • Proposed solution

This phase is about considering and evaluating the options to best address the issues and opportunities identified in the Problem Discovery phase and will be value chain orientated as well as considering implementation options. The conclusion will be a costed recommendation on a way forward, also covering risks or opportunities.


Based on the Solution Discovery, implementation of the agreed solution and evaluation against business objectives covering:

  • Business structure and processes
  • Applications, processes and data flow
  • Co-ordinating across partners/suppliers
  • Training & communication
  • Contracts
  • Key metrics

Having agreed a way forward, this phase is about delivering the solution and delivering value for the business. Ideally this phase will be “chunked” into sub projects to deliver value to the business as soon as possible although this will depend on the agreed solution.