PiHUB helps retailers boost parts & accessories sales by integrating and enhancing accessory data with Ecommerce websites such as Shopify and marketplaces like eBay. This results in increased sales, site visits, dwell time and store size.

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Easy to use, integrated with your industry-leading software, enhance your data, designed to enhance your Parts and Accessories online capability.

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Whether your team are pro at selling online or just want help getting started, our e-commerce solutions are designed to help you get online painlessly, keep you profitable and grow with your business—all with the help of our platform and data experts.

Start Selling Online Fast

Whether your team are already selling online or just want help getting started, PiHUB is designed to help retailers get online painlessly, keep you profitable and grow with your business—all with the help of our data experts.

Enhance and expand your Parts & Accessory descriptions, imagery, pricing & marketplace integrations

Add listings to your ecommerce platform quickly with organised and enhanced data. Sell seamlessly in multiple channels and marketplaces with a central ‘Single View of the Truth’ of all your Parts & Accessories Data.

  • Organised Descriptions
  • Image Management
  • Dashboard
  • Part Type & Brand Structures
  • Integrated Taxonomy
  • Integrated DMS Import & Integration
  • Integrated Pricing
  • Integrated Images
  • Integrated Fitment

PiHUB integrates with multiple commerce platforms including Shopify. Shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets retailers start, grow, manage, and scale their Parts & Accessory business.

PiHUB features two-way connectivity between PiHUB and commerce platforms in real-time. PiHUB supplies your catalogue data and stock seamlessly to your commerce platform, resulting in more products online, faster.


Integration data includes your descriptions, images, prices and stock levels.

Frequent Updates

We frequently update data to ensure brand updates and new Parts & Accessories are sent to your commerce platform regularly.


We work with you to identify your sales performance in detail, identifying which Parts & Accessories, manufacturers, models, sales channels, performed best.


Set up pricing using integrated data or apply rules to automatically adjust prices and improve margins.


Analyse your stock and advert performance with channel, search and lead statistics.

Featured PiHUB Integrations

PiHUB makes all your existing software and process work better by letting you integrate industry-leading software and custom apps right into PiHUB.

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  • Single Brand
  • Descriptions Integration
  • Imagery Integration
  • Pricing Integration


Fully integrate with PiHUB with your existing systems and optimise process.

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  • Catalogue Import
  • DMS Stock Integration
  • Catalogue Enhancement
  • Image Integration
  • Marketplace Integrations

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