To Autofinity and beyond! Bangers4Ben 2021

To Autofinity and beyond! This is the strapline emblazoned on the Toy Story themed banger showcased by Autofinity at this year’s Bangers4Ben rally.

The automotive software company has chosen a theme that represents their futuristic approach to developing solutions for dealers. 

Working closely with large dealer groups and manufacturers, Autofinity is developing a vehicle inventory management system that will help retailers digitise their sales processes. The goal? To equip retailers to meet the growing consumer demand for ecommerce car sales.

to autofinity and beyond bangers4ben rally

Bangers4Ben rally

Bangers4Ben is back for an 11th year! 

Bangers4Ben will take place in the UK from 9th – 12th October. It starts at Bicester Heritage and will take in some of the most scenic routes in England and Wales over the course of four days.

Ben is the charity dedicated to supporting the people of the automotive industry, providing support for life for them and their family dependents.

Autofinity at Bangers4Ben

David Stevenson (National Sales Manager) will be joined by Andy Whitehair (CEO) as the Autofinity rally team. If you’d like to donate to the team’s JustGiving page, you can do so here.

The concept of Autofinity and beyond represents the team’s focus on looking ahead to a digital future for the automotive industry. The automotive software company is set to launch their new ViHub at the end of the year, with a rollout plan to other large dealer groups as they receive further orders in the New Year.

ViHub allows dealers to manage every aspect of their sales process, digitally. It will remove a lot of the manual labour involved in sourcing, prepping and advertising stock. Future enhancements will include detailed advert performance, which will be available in the dealer dashboard that comes as standard with ViHub.

The dashboard will present a ‘single source of truth’ for ViHub customers. This means they’ll be able to integrate the dashboard with other third party systems, and manage all their inventory in one place. The idea is to save time, improve efficiency and give complete flexibility for third party integration.

The digital future

Andy Whitehair, Autofinity’s CEO, explains,

“ViHub will be revolutionary for dealer groups who operate across multiple franchises and locations. At the moment, we know that dealers rely on numerous proprietary systems to manage their inventory and advertise stock. 

We’re simplifying and consolidating these into a single system. Best of all, it’s a flexible, API-driven platform. This means ViHub can be integrated with any third party system – so dealers will have total control over how and where they present their stock.”

Want to chat?

If you’d like to meet up with the Autofinity team at the Bangers4Ben rally, contact David Stevenson on 


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