ViHUB & Auto Trader Connect Integration

Our integration with Auto Trader Connect means utilising our ViHUB platform, which provides vehicle inventory management and oversight and the ability to feed online marketplaces from one rich data source, delivers even more benefits.

The two key advantages are real-time updates and instant market insight thanks to Auto Trader connect.

Real-Time Auto Trader Updates

Real-time updates mean Auto Trader adverts go live instantaneously whilst any changes such as a price adjustment are immediately live instead of relying on timed feeds when updates were often made two-hourly.

Retail Insight

Auto Trader’s price indicator indicates whether a car is a low, great good, fair or high price, which enables both customers and sellers to ascertain how the price of a car sits in line with the current market. Prior to Auto Trader Connect integration, dealers would have to put a vehicle live for sale, access the Auto Trader website and locate their vehicle to check how its price compares to market. Now, by feeding Auto Trader (as well as other online channels simultaneously) through Autofinity’s ViHUB platform, Auto Trader price indicator information is immediately accessible. The car’s Auto Trader price indication is apparent before the vehicle is put live to the site (and other channels) enabling adjustments to be made saving time and ensuring vehicles are priced to market.

Chris Banks, Autofinity’s head of solution architecture who has been part of the team responsible for overseeing the Auto Trader Connect integration, said: “Our Auto Trader Connect integration adds a new dimension for dealers. Auto Trader’s pricing tool is powerful as it is immediately apparent where a vehicle’s price sits in comparison to like-for-like vehicles on its database enabling adjustments to be made there and then before the vehicle is put live for sale. It also reduces the number of platforms a dealer needs to access to ensure their vehicle is priced to market. Meanwhile, any new uploads or amendments to vehicle information is live on the website instantaneously. Dealers are no longer waiting for two or three hours for Auto Trader to take the feed and upload to its site.

“Everything we do is about improving efficiencies for dealers and making managing and marketing their stock as effective and efficient as possible. We are continually looking at ways to optimise a dealer’s time and one of the most time-consuming tasks is switching through tabs or scrolling through information to find what you need. By making Auto Trader price indications accessible in the Autofinity dashboard saves dealers valuable time in turn reducing the cost and time of getting a car to market which ultimately boosts profits.”

The ViHUB dashboard colour codes the vehicles in line with Auto Trader’s price indicator so vehicles that are priced too high or too low are easily identifiable and pricing can be quickly adjusted accordingly.

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