Boosting Dealer Online Parts and Accessory Sales by up to 200% with PiHUB

Dealers can boost profits by adopting an automated online parts and accessories ecommerce strategy powered by our PiHUB platform.

Operating in a similar way to our vehicle inventory platform – ViHUB, which collates multiple data sets to create a ‘Single View of the Truth’ for each vehicle, PiHUB allows dealers to transform their parts and accessories strategy by automating catalogue data and feeding and managing online marketplaces. 

By creating one place where a dealership group’s parts and accessories are collated, the platform uploads items for sale to various channels including Amazon, eBay, vehicle adverts and other dealer customer touch points providing access to existing customers, national and even global customers thereby boosting profits by up to 200%.

Parts commercial lead and business analyst William Hornsey has led the development of PiHUB which is now available for retailers to roll out and take their parts and accessories business to the next level.

“The platform has the capability of transforming a retailer’s parts and accessories business by offering more, better described stock for sale online with automated population of key sales channels. 

“In the past, retailers have shied away from offering parts and accessories for sale online as the logistics were complex since much of the process was managed manually placing additional demand on stretched dealer resources. PiHUB turns that on its head with the capability of managing the online inventory and updating of marketing channels automatically. Once the platform is implemented, parts advisors simply package and post.”

PiHUB takes all a dealership or group’s parts and accessories data from various sources incorporating vital details such as the application that a part fits; height, weight and depth dimensions; and price, to collate a ‘Single View of the Truth’ for each part or accessory item. The platform then integrates with various online marketing channels as well as the dealer group’s own website to offer items for sale.

“The availability of the PiHUB platform at a time of economic uncertainty and when dealers need to be looking to maximise every revenue stream is critical. In the past, aftersales departments have traditionally focused on selling more labour hours or reducing overheads in the pursuit of 100% absorption but PiHUB provides another way to achieve that goal allowing parts and accessories items to be retailed to an online audience in an efficient and effective manner.”

Autofinity developed its parts platform following data feed work the company was already undertaking for a dealer group. By integrating with the DMS, PiHUB is automatically populated to enable an ecommerce solution to be created without manual intervention.

“This is a really exciting time for us at Autofinity as PiHUB is a gamechanger for Parts Managers, enabling parts and accessories to be sold online as part of an automated process. As dealers seek additional revenue streams, utilising PiHUB is set to revolutionise parts and accessories sales.”

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