Team Feature – Sarah Maxfield, Client Support Manager 

Our automotive retail clients are in the safe hands of Sarah who heads up our client support team providing day-to-day assistance to the dealer network utilising our platforms.

Currently, Sarah’s attentions are focused on some of our newer ViHUB customers Hendy, Arbury and Hatfields dealer groups. ViHUB enables sales teams and managers to create a ‘Single View of the Truth’ for each vehicle in group inventory avoiding duplicate keying in of information, pooling data from multiple sources, applying dealer group rules to ensure consistancy and compliance and feeding online channels with one set of accurate vehicle data and pricing.

“My job is about building relationships with the dealership teams to ensure they maximise the extensive capabilities of our system, to help with any glitches and to turn their feedback into actionable updates in collaboration with our tech team,”

“I oversee training requirements on our system to ensure users are fully conversant with ViHUB and have a full understanding of how it works. I also manage the dealer group’s integrations to ensure everything is in place for them to run smoothly.”

“When you’re working with technology, you will inevitably have to manage fixes but it is my job to ensure the issue is identified quickly and our team resolves it fast. To achieve that, you need someone to take overall responsibility including liaising with the dealership staff, keeping them informed and ensuring the tech team has the fix scheduled into their workload.”

“Clients accept that things can sometimes go wrong but they expect to be kept informed and want reassurance that we are working hard to sort it out.”

“We keep each other informed and we communicate with our clients, open, honest and regular communication between us all is essential.”

“Once ViHUB is launched for each dealer group and their teams become attuned to undertaking a slightly different routine, the difference it makes to dealership efficiencies and confidence that there is one source of accurate information for each vehicle, is incredible. We have received some fantastic feedback from our clients. It makes my job very rewarding.”

“Although my job is client liaison, I have become quite an expert on the system itself and often find myself asking the tech team to check a particular element if an issue arises which often turns out to be right!”

Sarah has clocked up a decade working with Autofinity undertaking a variety of roles including account management positions. In February 2021, she became an operations account executive expanding her account management duties. In January 2022, Sarah was given a promotion when she was asked to undertake the role of client support manager. Prior to working with the Autofinity team, Sarah was a branch manager for a hire car company before becoming a part of its sales account management team.

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